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Over a third of Americans took their last holiday two years ago

Over a third of Americans took their last holiday two years ago.

A study by Allianz Global Assistance USA has found that 36 per cent of Americans last headed on vacation - which is defined as a trip of at least a week away to somewhere that is at least 100 miles from home - 24 months ago, with 51 percent not headed out on holiday in the last 12 months.

And when it comes to their reasons for not going on holiday, 12 per cent admitted they don't want to take the time off work whilst 20 per cent said they couldn't go because they had a personal commitment, with a further 10 per cent admitting they find planning too stressful and time-consuming to bother.

Daniel Durazo, director of marketing and communications at Allianz Global Assistance USA, said: "Americans are still consistently underutilising their paid time off, with the average working American taking fewer than half their vacation days and a third of Americans reporting they haven't vacationed in more than two years. Whether finances, work or another reason are keeping you from booking that summer trip, the positive health benefits of taking vacation have been widely documented. From a weeklong getaway to a micro-cation, it's always important to protect that financial investment with travel insurance."

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