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Older travellers like seeing the world too

Older travellers are just as keen to see the world as their millennial counterparts.

A study by Riviera Travel, who run escorted tours and river cruises around the world, found that a whopping 72 per cent of over 55s believe travelling later in life is much better than doing it when you're younger.

And it was also revealed that most over 55s would prefer to travel with a partner. However, 10 per cent are keen to travel alone, with 15 per cent wanting to do this as a way of completing their bucket list.

Canada, New Zealand and Italy were the countries over 55s wanted to visit the most, with the top thing to do on their bucket list was seeing the northern lights.

Will Sarson, head of specialist product at Riviera Travel said: "People often think that, as you get older, your appetite for exploration declines. Our survey of British over 55s sought to prove that a sense of adventure doesn't diminish with age. And, so it has proved. Not only do a majority of over 55s have a travel must- see, but they can see that now is the best time to complete it. Free from the burdens of a young family and not limited by financial or work-related constraints, people actually find more freedom to explore in older age than when they are young."

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