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Travellers book holidays based on experiences

Travellers book holidays based on experiences and not the destination.

A study of 7,500 Lonely Planet members has revealed that two thirds of people prefer to look for experiences when abroad rather than select solely based on their location.

And a whopping 95 per cent see travel as an "opportunity for positive change", with 59 per cent also revealing it as opportunity for personal growth.

68 per cent worry more about sustainable travel now than they used to, but only 35.2 per cent factor in sustainability when they plan a holiday.

Virtuoso's APAC managing director, Michael Londregan, told Travel Weekly: "Maybe we have our travel business set up for an old paradigm where all the brochures are about destinations, where really they should be about communities. We generally think of people being segmented by where they want to go but actually they're becoming segmented by what they're passionate about. And maybe our brochures should say 'Food and wine', 'Adventure', 'Family retreats', 'Health and Wellness' and then within that, there are all the destinations and the product that relates to that segment within those destinations."

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