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Young travellers looking to off the beaten track destinations

Young travellers are looking to off the beaten track destinations.

A study by YouTrip has found that the likes of Luxembourg, Peru and Saudi Arabia are amongst the popular holiday destinations for Generation Y travellers, aged between 23 and 38.

For Generation X travellers, who are aged between 39 and 54, their most popular off the beaten track destinations include Mexico, Slovakia and Montenegro.

Overall, it is Chile, Romania and Mongolia who have seen huge increases in tourists, with these having an average 76 per cent growth in the number of unique YouTrip visitors, compared to

just 42 per cent growth for other off the beaten track destinations.

Hendric Tay, Co-Founder of The Travel Intern, said: "Tourism is still new to Mongolia, having started only 20 years ago. Its untouched landscapes and nomadic culture adds to its allure to the growing number of travellers seeking a unique travel experience."

Generation Y travellers are also more likely to head to different locations, with those between 23 and 38 travelling to 20 per cent more countries in the last year, compared to Generation Xers.

The study also found that YouTrip users made transactions in 112 currencies and visited a whopping 161 out of 195 countries, equating to about 83 per cent.

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