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British people spend more on travel over Christmas

British people spend more on travel over the festive period than their European counterparts.

The research, carried out by credit card company Mastercard, found that British people would pay £1.67 per mile to travel home over the Christmas and New Year period, whilst this figure would drop to £1.19 per mile for Europeans making their travels.

And that was despite Europeans travelling more - with an average of 314 miles - to make it home compared to UK residents, who would travel 276 miles to make it back.

Most people travel back to see their parents whilst one in six people confess they would travel to see their pet.

Janne Karppinen, Mastercard's head of retail for the UK, said: "We live at a time where people travel more and build careers and lives in new cities and countries around the world, but Christmas is still a time for getting home to be with family. Christmas has always been a major spending occasion, but with more and more people living away from their hometowns it has become one of the biggest travel occasions of the year too."

Whilst most people can make it home, a whopping 10 million British people (15 per cent) aren't able to make it back to their hometown, whilst 18 per cent of people cite financial constraints for stopping them from travelling.

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