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Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a tough terrain for most but now all can enjoy this wonderful landscape from home.

You can now discover the river archaeology of the site with a handy virtual tour, which takes you through from the famous South Rim viewpoint, Lipan Point. It gives you a perfect view over the excavation site, showing you the sheer scale of the project.

Sights you mustn't miss on the virtual tour are pinned on the map, so you find out more information about the county's archeological history.

And for those wanting something a little different, why not take a virtual tour of the Colorado River Raft Tour.

You can take this and the other tours with a virtual guide and / or commentary or you can choose just to explore yourself.

Handy pins tell you what you're looking at and its significance, as well as share more high quality photos of the sights.

From here, you can travel down the river to get up close and see more of the river and the fast-flowing rapids.

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