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Nearly three quarters of Americans are missing travelling

Nearly three quarters of Americans are missing travelling.

The coronavirus pandemic has all but put a halt on taking trips across the country and the wider world and 70 per cent of those surveyed have confessed to missing their getaways.

However, that doesn't mean they don't plan on taking more cautions for their next break, with nine out of 10 people surveyed revealing their travel plans are more uncertain than ever.

Nearly half of all those surveyed (40 per cent) plan to change the types of holidays they go on when the lockdown is lifted, with many people revealing they would prefer to travel to someone more rural than go to a big city and would also rather stick in their home country rather than look to travel internationally.

With many coronavirus cases breaking out and spreading rapidly on cruises, it is maybe understandable that only six per cent of those surveyed wanting to head on a cruise for their next holiday away.

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