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Mail Design Themes

Change the colour of your GMX mailbox

When you are a daily GMX mail user – either personally or professionally – there may come a time when you would prefer to have more control over the appearance of your mailbox. By using the various colour scheme designs on offer, you can switch up the look and feel of your mailbox, Organizer, Cloud, and Contacts. With colours ranging from dark to neutral to light, how you want your GMX account to appear is completely up to you. Be assured that there is a theme and look to match your every mood.

What are mail design themes?

Mail design themes can be used to switch the appearance of your entire mail environment and operate similarly to background website themes. If you decide to change your GMX design colour schemes, you won't have to worry about the functionality of your mailbox being altered. You will still have access to your emails as per usual, but the visual elements will look slightly different. If you have ever considered how to use design themes for your mailbox, then GMX provides you with six different colour possibilities. For every GMX mail user out there, there will be something to match your preference.

Just as many of us carefully think about the colour palette for the paint on our walls, the car we drive, or even the clothes we wear, the design themes for mail are certainly no different: We simply desire to have a colour and style that matches how we feel. GMX gives you the power to change up the way you email and check your Organizer by giving you six alternate design themes.

You have the possibility to switch the colour scheme designs for your mailbox every day, if desired. For instance, darker colour shades are said to be more authoritative and sophisticated – perfect if you wish to write an email as a business professional. On the other hand, lighter colours are believed to be more peaceful and cheerful – the ideal theme if you would like to email a friend or family member.

All the features you know and love stay exactly the same, including the online calendar, cloud, mail collector, and spam filter – you'll just enjoy them in a brand new mail design theme of your choosing. Personalise your email to the colours and theme that make you feel the most comfortable, all the while making use of the GMX mail features that you are familiar with.

How to change the design theme for your mailbox

GMX strives to make all aspects of the mailbox experience completely intuitive and stress-free. Switching the design colour schemes for your account is both quick and easy. Whether you are brand new to GMX or an adept user, the steps needed to switch the colour themes take no time at all:

  • When signed into your GMX email account, click on "Home".
  • On the left-hand side of the menu, click on the "Design" tab beneath the "Personalisation" category.
  • Once in the "Design" settings, this is where you can choose from one of six colours for the design theme of your account.
  • Click "Select" on your chosen colour theme.
  • To complete the choice, click "Save and Close" and return back to the "Home" page.

Remember: If you are unhappy with the colour you selected, then feel free to complete the same steps again and choose a different theme.

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