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Declan Rice: England are entertaining

Declan Rice thinks that England are an "entertaining team to watch".

The West Ham midfielder has become a fixture of Gareth Southgate's plans and has hit back at suggestions that the Three Lions boss is too cautious in his approach.

Rice said: "We have control of the ball, we try to move the ball really quickly, try to shift the teams from side to side and then look for openings.

"I think we are a really entertaining team to watch. I think people complain all the time and say that we are not, but I think we have really improved as a group over the past couple of years."

Rice believes that Southgate is wary of attacking too much against quality opposition and that the England squad understands his approach.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: "I think in Gareth's mind you can't go too attacking.

"You can't go all out all the time because the opposition have got quality and can hurt you."

"No-one kicks up a fuss, we all go out there and know our jobs."

Rice has been instrumental in West Ham's impressive Premier League campaign and has revealed that he is keen to be seen as more than a defensive midfielder.

He said: "If there is one thing that I could say that I have improved on the most this season it would be trying to take the team up the pitch a bit with the ball.

"I think as a midfielder you always get labelled for always just passing it, keeping the ball moving and doing the dirty work. I don't want to just be labelled as that.

"[Former Manchester City midfielder] Yaya Toure is the one I've studied.

"I think he was probably the best at that, recognising when to pass and play short balls. Also recognising when there was space, to step into it and drive the team up the pitch."

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