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Everton boss launches into Ireland

The midfielder is set to miss the next few weeks of action after tearing his hamstring which will require an operation.

Koeman is adamant that part of the reason for the injury can be laid at the Republic's door after the 25-year-old started both of his country’s World Cup qualifiers in the space of four days, having not played for six weeks following surgery on a groin injury.

“When James came back from Ireland, the message from Everton’s medical staff was that he was massively overloaded,” Koeman said.

“It’s ridiculous that he has surgery, five to six weeks out, three training sessions, plays 90 minutes and then, after three days, he plays another 80 minutes.

“Play him for 45 minutes, 60 minutes, but not 95 minutes after five to six weeks out. The second time, 80 minutes! You are killing the player.

“Ireland know what I think about it. I hope for more protection for players in the future.”

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