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Apple will support RCS in 2024 on iPhones

Apple will support RCS in 2024 on iPhones

Apple will finally add RCS (Rich Communication Services) to their iPhones next year.

The technology has been the messaging standard on Android devices for a couple of years, and adds impressive functionality to texts, including read receipts, reactions and higher data size transfers, meaning videos and pictures can be sent in full clarity over a Wi-Fi connection.

The California-based tech giant has resisted the platform for years, as it posed a threat to their exclusive iMessage, which provides essentially the same service for their iPhone users.

In a statement to The Verge, Apple spokesperson Jacqueline Roy announced the change.

She said: "Later next year, we will be adding support for RCS Universal Profile, the standard as currently published by the GSM Association."

Although iPhone users can rejoice over the fact they can have a near-identical messaging experience with their Android friends when compared to using iMessage, Apple will not be adding end-to-end encryption to RCS, keeping that feature exclusive to their native service.

Jacqueline continued: "We believe RCS Universal Profile will offer a better interoperability experience when compared to SMS or MMS. This will work alongside iMessage, which will continue to be the best and most secure messaging experience for Apple users.”

The change has likely come after the European Union introduced the Digital Marketing Act (DMA) which requires major companies, like Apple, to make their services inter-connected with other platforms.

Google and Samsung have also been pushing the tech juggernaut to support RCS, through many colourful marketing campaigns.

Taking to X (formally Twitter) Google's SVP of platforms and ecosystems, Hiroshi Lockheimer, celebrated Apple's decision.

He wrote: "So glad to see Apple joining our ongoing work with the GSMA on RCS to make texting better for all!”

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