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Africa hit by widespread Internet outages: ‘It feels like 50 per cent of my life is gone!’

Africa hit by widespread Internet outages: ‘It feels like 50 per cent of my life is gone!’

Africa has been hit by widespread Internet outages.

Widespread system faults have been reported in countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

Services have largely been restored in Liberia and South Africa since outages were first reported on Thursday (14.03.24), but the cause of the cable failures that led to the blackouts is still not clear – leaving millions of people hit across the continent.

the continent.

Cloudflare Radar, which provides information on internet connections, told the BBC: “There seems to be a pattern in the timing of the disruptions, impacting from the north to the south of Africa.”

Internet connections in the Ivory Coast was down to around just 4 per cent on Thursday morning, according to web connection monitoring service Netblocks.

Liberia dropped to 17 per cent connectivity at one point, while Benin was at 14 per cent and Ghana 25 per cent during the worst of the outages.

Vodacom has said customers were experiencing “intermittent connectivity issues due to multiple undersea cable failures"”.

A fault was also reported on the MainOne cable system which serves Nigeria’s commercial hub of Lagos.

Citizens were unable to access the Internet as well as social media across the vast majority of Nigeria, while international bank transfers were also reported to be affected and global voice calls were limited.

Monrovia-based entrepreneur Benjamin Garkpah told the BBC on Thursday when the issue hit: “It seems like 50 per cent of my life is gone today.”

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority said the faults were sparked by an incident involving the Africa Coast to Europe submarine communications cable in the Ivory Coast.

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