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Wales 'first UK nation to join the metaverse'

Wales 'first UK nation to join the metaverse'

Wales is said to have become the first UK nation to join the metaverse.

Government-run tourism agency Visit Wales has created an immersive experience that means people can get a taste of the rich and diverse culture and history the country has to offer - without even stepping foot in Wales.

They have created a virtual island where people can take part in "quests", which involves collecting dragons (The Welsh Dragon is a heraldic symbol that represents Wales and appears on the national flag of Wales).

It's hoped it will inspire people to book a trip to the real Wales to explore all it has to offer.

Visit Wales, and Tourism Minister Hannah Blythyn, commented: “By showcasing some of the best Wales has to offer visitors in this incredibly innovative way, we’re putting Wales in an online sphere where millions of people meet every day."

Dawn Lyle, the creator of local metaverse firm iCreate, who teamed up with Visit Wales on the project, added: “Our aim is to bring the endless possibilities of Wales to life in an immersive experience of exploration, helping audiences plan their dream itinerary in Wales while they complete mini-quests in the metaverse experience."

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