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Hive Camera helps you scare burglars off from miles away

Hive users can now monitor their home with the Hive Camera.

Centrica Connected Home - who create the Hive smart range of products - have unveiled the new camera device, which allows customers using the Hive system to keep an eye on their home from anywhere in the world at any time using their smartphone device.

Hive Camera has 24/7 live HD streaming capabilities and can be accessed using the mobile app. The Camera even allows you to speak to friends, children or pets when you're away, using the two-way audio system.

The device contains a sensor, which enables a number of features, including precise motion and audio detection. The camera has a wide ranging view and has a night vision mode so pictures are still clear even in the pitch black. The user can set it to record all movement, including the time and date and store the information locally, which can be uploaded to a smartphone with ease when prompted. There is also a setting which allows you to remotely zoom the camera in and out.

And if the device catches something worrying, with the press of a button, you can make the camera sound out a police siren, a ringing alarm or even a dog barking.

Nina Bhatia, Managing Director at Centrica Connected Home, said: "Hive Camera allows people to feel as if they're at home even when they're not - by seeing and hearing what's happening through their smartphone, and participating in what's going on in the home through audio, too.

"These are benefits customers have told us they want. Customers can expect further innovative Hive products and services over the coming months, as Centrica continues to extend its smart home offering."

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