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The Z-Arm cooks you breakfast

The Z-Arm is a desktop workstation robotic arm that can cook you breakfast.

This HITBOT creation is not only able to make you toast but can also carry out other tasks including cutting, 3D printing, soldering and parts assembly.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "Robotic arms no longer belong only to Sci-Fi movies or automotive factories. In fact, they have become part of daily life for makers, hobbyists and businesses. However until now, collaborative robotic arms with industrial level accuracy and professional quality have been prohibitively expensive. That's why we want to make a difference by introducing Z-Arm!

"Z-Arm is a desktop workstation robotic arm with incredible repeatable accuracy, durability and built-in safety features for makers, business owners, or anyone with an interest in robotics. It is incredibly versatile and can be equipped to deal with a nearly unlimited number of tasks, including cutting, 3D printing, soldering, parts assembly and more."

The Z-Arm has a precision of 0.02mm and can move its "arm" completely 360 degrees.

They added: "With 0.02mm precision, a velocity of 430 degrees per second, 2kg workload and 400mm maximum reach, Z-Arm makes a perfect desktop workstation. Besides those incredible specs and great price, Z-Arm is also the first collaborative robotic arm designed for individual users. Collaborative robotics are designed with safety features to work in conjunction with humans.

"These features are essential for a safe work space and creating efficient collaborative processes. In spite of its compact all-metal-body, Z-Arm has an incredibly large working area thanks to its 3rd arm that has a complete 360-degree reach. This makes it more useful and creates more versatility for a wide variety of different tasks."

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