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Audible helps you skip to the best part of a book

Audible's new feature helps you skip to the best part of a book.

The seller and producer of audiobooks has unveiled its brand new 'Take Me to the Good Part' feature that is able to transport you straight to the most memorable part of a book using machine learned technology.

Audible Chief Content Officer Andy Gaies said: "Romance readers are some of the most savvy, enthusiastic, well versed, and devoted fans in the world. With Audible Romance, we've combined the expansive catalogue and impressive tech that make Audible so attractive to begin with in order to create a customized, appealing experience to satisfy the appetite of this voracious audience. With Audible Romance's affordable flat fee pricing and engaging content discovery experience, for the first time listeners can enjoy as many titles as they desire, keeping swoon-worthy performances in their ears all day, every day."

Whilst Audible CFO Cynthia Chu added: "Audible Romance's incredible and unique discovery experience was created for romance fans by romance fans with deep knowledge and love of the genre. Pioneering technology humanised by a passionate editorial voice make this offering truly one of a kind."

Audible have also unveiled the Steaminess Score, which is able to rank each book title on a one to five scale - Sweet, Simmering, Sizzling, Hot Damn and O-O-OMG - depending on how steamy the contents of the book is, with a title like 'Fifty Shades of Grey' scoring in the O-O-OMG section.

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