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Drone can take pictures for you

Researchers in Singapore are working on a drone that doesn't need any manual help to take the best photo.

A team from the National University of Singapore have developed the XPose, which is able to find the best position to take a photo itself.

Ziquan Lan, one of four researchers behind the project, said: "We want to enable more intuitive and natural interaction with the flying drone to take photos autonomously - even for the novice user who has not used drones before."

The XPose works by being told what item it needs to take photographs of from different angles. From here, it then finds the position needed to take the best photo.

They say it can even be used when there is no or low GPS signal unlike some existing drones, which rely on GPS and satellites to know where they are taking the picture compared to where they actually are.

Speaking about the future of drones, Lan added: "Drones will be even smaller than they are now so we can carry them around as a smartphone camera, throw it in the air and take photos for us."

The university team are not the only people working on drones like these as Squadrone System recently unveiled their Hexo+, which uses your smartphone to "fly itself".

They shared on their website: "Hexo+ lets you create amazing videos of yourself from above, with only a couple of taps on your smartphone. We combined a fast and responsive drone, a 3-axis gimbal, predictive tracking algorithms and a camera movement-packed mobile app to let you produce beautiful, perfectly framed and stabilized aerial images ... Yes, Hexo+ flies itself. From the moment you pick your camera movement everything simply happens, automatically: Takeoff, flight trajectory, landing and constant framing are all taken care of, so you can enjoy the moment, hand-free. Sounds like magic? It feels like it - but it's predictive tracking, framing algorithms and data fusion."

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