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Toyota to create driverless shuttles with Uber

Toyota is working to create driverless shuttles to help commercial services.

The car company is hoping its partnership with major players - such as Amazon, Pizza Hut and Uber - will help develop the all-electric shuttle to use on a commercial service, reported.

Although Toyota invested in Uber in May 2016, the global taxi technology company is also working with Volvo and Daimler on driverless cars as well.

Uber will apparently buy up to 24,000 cars from Volvo which will be built with the ride-hail company's proprietary self-driving technology and software.

With Daimler, the agreement is that the German company will leverage Uber's ride-hail network and Uber will act as an open platform for the vehicles but it is not clear which company will own the cars.

Jeff Miller, head of business development for Uber, said: "Creating a custom cockpit that is designed around our rider experience is unique.

"There's not a single [self-driving car] in the world today that's purpose built with ride-share in mind.

"Uber certainly does not see [Toyota] as a metal bender. There's a lot of exploration to be done about what the business model that undergirds this platform will be.

"Uber has an open mind. As does Toyota. I would hate to get specific now and limit the areas of exploration.

"Having bespoke autonomy systems for ride-sharing is a huge advantage to use. The use cases that we're developing around and testing every day are in the ride-sharing context, which is different than an automaker."

The company also will explore the opportunities around UberEats and Miller said they can see the biggest potential with its traditional ride-share business.

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