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Apple to send location to emergency services

Apple will automatically send users' location when they make a call to the emergency services, as part of its latest iOS update.

The release of iOS 11.3 has seen the introduction of new Animojoi, an update for augmented reality development platform ARKit and greater insight into battery health.

However, the company will also now support Advanced Mobile Location (AML), which will be sent to emergency services automatically when someone calls.

The feature will activate GPS and WiFi services when a person makes a call to any emergency number, and then text responders with the caller's exact location.

This will mean it will be easier to figure out where people are, even if they are unable to accurately report it themselves.

Although it isn't currently supported in the US, AML is available for users in the UK, New Zealand, Belgium, Lithuania, Sweden and some areas of Lower Austria.

Meanwhile, it follows other features focused on emergency services which have been implemented by Apple.

These include 'Emergency SOS', which will call local emergency numbers, while users can also add contacts to be alerted to an SOS emergency with a text message and the user's location.

A separate feature called Medical ID will allow first responders to access medical information such as conditions, weight, allergies and medications from the users' lock screen.

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