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Cryptojacking attacks in the UK

"Cryptojacking" attacks in the UK have increased by 1,200 per cent in just a few months.

Cyber security researchers from the firm Symantec Threat Intelligence have told Sky News that the UK now ranks fourth in the world in regards to the number of victims.

Victims aren't losing their finances to cryptojacking but they do end up with an unwanted software running on their computer - often through Chrome.

Mr Wueest said: "The in-browser cryptocurrency miners are not installing anything on the victim's machines, they're not encrypting files. Even though they could potentially steal credentials, at the moment the attackers don't want to."

However, Alex Davies, security consultant at Countercept, said, although victims won't lose their finances, the malware can case significant damage.

He said: "That software could do anything. Sure, right now it's cryptomining software, but maybe the malware author pushes an update and suddenly it's now banking malware and it steals your online banking credentials. That's the kind of situation we're in. You never want to have unknown software running on your computer."

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