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Apple to launch iPhone X various colours

Apple is planning to launch a new colour variant of the iPhone X in an attempt to restore sales.

According to a new report obtained by rumour site Macotakara, it simply says that "for a purpose of restoring sales of iPhone X, Apple plans to release a new colour" that will act to drive additional sales, but the report failed to reveal what the colour may be.

Currently the device is available in tow colours - space gray and silver - compared to the other phones which offer more colour availability.

The iPhone X has seen poor sales since its first release due to the price of the product and Apple are reportedly working on ways to boost their original poor sales.

Macotakara also reported that the company is planning a sixth-generation iPad for the third quarter of the year.

The fifth generation model was released last March and the new product will reportedly keep the same enclosure and screen size as the current model.

The tech giant confirmed its smart speaker - which features top-end sound quality and combines Apple-engineered audio technology with advanced software - would be available to pre-order in January.

The new device was first announced back in June last year with the hopes of December launch but was pushed back with Apple saying they needed a little more time.

Apple has claimed that the HomePod has spatial awareness meaning it will fill a room with sound no matter where it is placed.

The new device is only equipped to deal with music, but it can also perform a range of other tasks including sending messages, setting timers and reminders.

Apple says HomePod will be able to turn on the lights, raise the shades and serves as the perfect home hub.

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