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Ofcom hails UK broadband boost

Communications industry watchdog Ofcom has confirmed there's been a marked improved in home broadband in the UK.

According to the regulator, average fixed-line download speeds increased by an impressive 28 percent, meaning it hit 46.2 megabits per second.

What's more, it's been revealed that uploads have also increased substantially, climbing 44 percent to 6.2 Mbps.

Despite this, the organisation has confirmed that rural areas in the UK still lag behind their counterparts in more urban parts of the country.

The announcement comes shortly after an industry expert claimed that BT has missed an opportunity in rural areas.

Independent telecoms analyst Ian Grant has claimed that the telecoms giant - which owns the infrastructure provider Openreach, which owns most of the telephone wires, exchanges and ducts in the UK - has made mistakes in rural areas, where customers are now starting to look towards alternative internet providers.

He explained: "Every single county council in the country gave their fibre contracts to BT, and BT has not rolled out fibre to the rural communities - hardly at all.

"They've put fibre to the street cabinets, but many people in rural communities live too far away from the cabinets to be able to access high speed broadband."

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