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Uber trialing food delivery by drones

Uber are trialing food delivery by drones.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the chief executive officer, has revealed that the transport company have been approved by the federal government to test food delivering drones in San Diego.

Deliveries could be done in anything from five to 30 minutes depending on if they were completed by drivers or by drones.

Khosrowshahi said: "Push a button and get food on your doorstep."

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Project Wing had teamed up with Mexican food chain, Guzman y Gomez, to deliver tasty food to rural communities on the border between the ACT and NSW, Australia.

They wrote in a blog post at the time: "Over the past few years, Project Wing has conducted thousands of flights to get our drone delivery technology ready for everyday use. In early 2016, we successfully completed our first drone deliveries to members of the public in an open field at Virginia Tech University. This fall we've been testing in a rural community on the border of the ACT and NSW and tackling an entirely different level of operational complexity: making deliveries directly to people's yards.

"Our testers  -  alpaca farmers, math professors, equestrians, and artists (not to mention a few curious kangaroos)  = have been helping us fine-tune how our drones move goods from where they're located to where they're needed. And today we're announcing that two Australian merchants are joining our tests, as they're eager to understand how drone delivery could help them serve their customers better.

"Guzman y Gomez, a Mexican food chain, and Chemist Warehouse, a chain of pharmacies, will receive orders from our testers who've purchased items using the Project Wing app on their smartphones. We'll dispatch our drones to pick up the order from our partners' loading sites and then transport and deliver the goods to testers at their residences."

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