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Samsung's folding phone flop

Samsung's new folding phone may not be able to fold all the way.

The tech giants are due to release their Galaxy X phone early next year, and have been talking about the product's ability to fold in on itself without the need for a large hinge for several years.

However, according to a new report from Korean news site ETNews, the phone will actually only be able to fold two thirds of the way, meaning it won't lie flat when folded and will be unsuitable for slipping to a pocket.

Gizmodo quotes the site as saying: "There are many ways to fold. When folded in half, the display is invisible, so the display is folded only about two-thirds. The time is displayed, or the form showing the number when the phone is called. When folded, the aspect ratio is estimated to be closer to a rectangle than a square."

ETNews also mentions that Samsung plan on releasing the phone early next year, but that schedule is said to depend on the company being able to "achieve the yield and reliability of its foldable panels."

The phone is said to come with a 7-inch display and will fold in half, and will not be a dual-screen display as some reports were suggesting last month.

Samsung are reportedly intending to release the Galaxy X phone in limited numbers in order to test the market, and so when the phone does become available next year, it won't be available to everyone.

According to Gizmodo, the phone is expected to cost around £1,528.

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