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Ericsson to fund 5G research

Ericsson is set to do what it can to speed up 5G deployment across the US.

The tech giant revealed on Friday (10.08.18) that it would be investing in research and development to try and accelerate the time frame when it comes to getting 5G producers released in the states.

In a statement, the company's CEO Borje Ekholm said: "To serve the demand of these fast-moving service providers, we are strengthening our investment in the US to be even closer to our customers and meet their accelerated 5G deployment plans."

However, Ericsson didn't go into detail on how big the investment would be, and declined to give a figure.

The firm did say it expects to have 5G-capable hardware and software released by the beginning of next year, which would include its first 5G radios.

Ekholm added: "Customers turn to new technology in order to manage growing demand for data with sustained quality and without increasing costs.

"This, together with fixed-wireless access, represent the first business cases for 5G. We will continue to invest in securing leadership in 5G."

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