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Tyra Banks to make technology the forefront of her Modelland theme park

Tyra Banks is opening a beauty theme park with "technology at the forefront".

The 45-year-old former model - who launched her own interactive cosmetic e-commerce site in 2015 - has revealed the details of Modelland, which is coming to Santa Monica later this year.

The 21,000 square foot space will feature retail and food places and aims to "bring modeling to the masses, while expanding the definition of beauty".

Tyra will make the experience immersive through the use of virtual reality and other technologies.

Speaking to TechCrunch about the venture, which will be family-freidnly, the 'America's Next Top Model' founder sad: "We're very open to partnering with and having integrations with different brands that bring technology to the forefront and make sure what we're providing in Modelland are things you cannot do on your phone."

On who the attraction is for, she said: "I am being very deliberate to make sure this is something families can come to.

"I'm not creating this to service people who want to become models or are models."

The name of the theme park is the same as the 'Life-Size 2' actress' 2011 adult novel, which aimed to highlight the lack of diversity in the modelling world at the time.

On her aims for the park, she added: "I'm happy to see the world is much more celebrating of different types of beauty.

"I think Modelland can be the next iteration of that."

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