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HP computers stranded in space

Two HP computers have been stranded in space.

The servers - which together make up the Spaceborne Computer - were sent up to the International Space Station in August 2017 as an experiment to see how durable they would be in space with minimal specialist treatment, but have still not come back to Earth, three months after their intended return.

According to the BBC, the computers have been in space for 530 days and are still in full working oder.

The tech had its return flight postponed indefinitely after a Russian rocket fail in October 2018, and HP senior content architect Adrian Kasbergen said they may return in June this year if they can find space on another returning rocket.

HP is working with Nasa and Elon Musk's Space X to be "computer-ready" for the first Mars flight, estimated to take place in about 2030.

Currently, the machines on board the International Space Station return data to Earth for processing but it can take 30 minutes for the data to travel each way.

The three original computers on board the ISS had cost $8bn each and taken 10 years to build, and the Spaceborne Computer was supposed to replace the expensive space tech.

However, scientists discovered the servers needed some modifications, after realising the air cooling system wasn't working in space.

There had also been unforeseen problems with their power supply as well as the solid-state drive that supports the main hard drive, but the devices need to return to Earth before their faults can be corrected.

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