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Xiaomi phones had pre-installed security flaw

Xiaomi phones had a security flaw preinstalled on millions of devices, according to researchers.

The company - one of China's largest phone manufacturers - had a vulnerability stemming from the Guard Provider app, which was intended as a security feature with three antivirus programmes included to detect malware.

However, Check Point researchers Slava Makkaveev said on Thursday (04.04.19) that it introduced a flaw by getting its updates through an unsecured HTTP connection.

This meant that a potential attacker could - if they were on the same Wi-Fi network - inset malware in the updates through a "man-in-the-middle attack".

What it means is a rogue network is set up to look like the one you've connected to, and the victim's device is tricked into connecting.

The issue was raised with Xiaomi and the company - which uses antivirus scanners Avast, AVL and Tencent - claimed it had already worked on a patch to fix the flaw.

A spokeswoman for the phone maker said: "Xiaomi is aware of this and have already worked with our partner Avast to fix it."

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