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Logan Paul: Mayweather fight will be discussed for 'generations'

Logan Paul says that his fight with Floyd Mayweather will be talked about for "generations".

The YouTube star will clash with the boxing legend in an eight-round exhibition bout next month and says that he couldn't turn down the chance to fight an all-time great of the sport.

Paul told 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah': "People ask the question, 'Why would I fight Floyd Mayweather?' It's because my kids' kids will talk about this. Generations to come will talk about this moment in history and when I accepted this fight I understood the magnitude of what a special event this was.

"You don't turn down an opportunity to fight a specimen like Floyd Mayweather; the greatest fighter of our generation. My whole life has been overcoming challenges, exceeding expectations, surprising people and doing what 'could not be done' and this doesn't feel any different to me."

Mayweather is widely expected to overpower his opponent and win the fight easily but Paul insists that he is not scared of the undefeated fighter.

He said: "I've never been intimidated by Floyd or anyone, so I think I stand a chance - you'd be lying if you said it was impossible, he's human, it's a fight and anything can happen. I'm 30 pounds heavier, half his age, a foot taller and I work my a** off so I don't know, anything could happen."

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