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Floyd Mayweather felt Logan Paul was too defensive in fight

Floyd Mayweather believes he could have knocked out Logan Paul if his opponent had been more aggressive.

The boxing legend failed to secure victory in his exhibition fight against the YouTuber last weekend but felt that Paul's defensive style meant he couldn't land the decisive blow.

Mayweather said: "If think if he would’ve fought, if he tried to fight a lot more, then it probably wouldn’t have went the eight."

Paul had a height and weight advantage for the fight but Mayweather felt that his rival's lack of experience in the ring made for an "awkward" bout.

The former world champion said: "He was a little awkward. I had to press the action. Me, being this small, shouldn’t be able to walk to a man that big. I was pressing the action. He’ll punch, two punches, hold. Three punches, hold. So, there’s nothing really I can do. I mean, as you guys see, he was putting his leg on the rope. He was fatigued. But, I mean, when I talk about this exhibition, I’m gonna talk about he knows how to hold. He’s a great holder, a great grappler, also."

Mayweather also suggested that the attention on the fight proves that he is still a big deal in the sport despite not having boxed for four years beforehand.

He said: "But, like I said, I’ve been in this sport for so long, so long, and tonight was just, I was letting the people see that I’m able to come out, at my age, at 44, and still sell out 30,000, and still do crazy numbers to where I can make [Showtime’s website for ordering the event] crash. So, I’m truly blessed. I’m not here to bash anyone, talk bad about anyone."

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