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Anthony Joshua teases September fight with Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua teases September fight with Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua has suggested that he could fight Tyson Fury in September.

The British heavyweight explained that he is waiting to take on the winner of Fury's fight with Oleksandr Usyk next month and told fans to get set for the long-awaited British blockbuster bout to take place this year.

Speaking to BBC Sport at the London Marathon, Joshua said: "Boxing is changing a lot, there is a new player, Turki Alalshikh, who is taking the world by storm.

"He is doing what he wants for the fans, it's amazing.

"So if the fans demand it, I know that he will deliver. I know the fans want me and Fury, I want that.

"I'm not going to give away plans, but he is a man of action.

"It's coming, most definitely it's coming."

Joshua insists that he has been told to be prepared for a September fight and hailed the amount of activity that is happening in the heavyweight division.

The fighter said: "To be honest, he said be ready for September.

"Why he said that is because they have got a fight on June 1, all the heavyweights, five vs five, Eddie Hearn vs Frank Warren.

"And they have got Fury vs Usyk in May. And then they will have me in September. It's unbelievable."

Fury recently implored Joshua to "wait his turn" for a clash as his full attention is on the bout with Usyk as he attempts to become undisputed heavyweight world champion.

The WBC heavyweight world champion told reporters: "The way I look at it is - Joshua's a dosser and he's gotta wait his turn.

"Because he had his chance with Usyk and he lost fair and square.

"I'm not sure who witnessed that fight, I'm not sure where you were, maybe you were on holiday.

"But he actually did already lose to Usyk, not once but twice. So that puts him at the back of the queue. You can't just overlook Usyk."

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